Frequently Asked Questions

What is Curated By Khlo?

-Curated by Khlo is a Miami based Travel Curation service specializing in luxury travel design.

What services does Curated By Khlo offer?

-Curated By Khlo offers Luxury Travel Itineraries. Luxury Travel Curation and will begin to host Girls Group Trips beginning 2023

How can I have my dream vacation Curated By Khlo?

-In order to have your dream vacation Cuarted By Khlo you would need to book a consultation on the website

How far in advance should I book Curated By Khlo for my trip?

-We would prefer that you book your first consultation at least 90 days before your tentative trip, that way we can truly curate your dream vacation. We can admit last minute bookings, although keep in mind it may be harder to get reservations etc depending on the time of the year

How much are the itineraries?

-Our itineraries are $45

How many days do the itineraries cover?

-each itinerary covers 3-4 days of vacation. Although keep in mind these are 12 hour days, if you like to nap and take breaks on vacation, these itineraries could last you about 6-7 days 

What do the itineraries cover? (as far details)

-the itineraries cover, stay (hotel & airbnb), restaurants, excursions, clubs, lounges, hookah bars, style tips etc 

When is the first Curated By Khlo Girls Group Trip?

-Q1 2023! Stay Tuned